Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is AgrAbility Virginia? AgrAbility is one of 20+ States that have projects (SRAPs) that provide no-cost services to farmers, ranchers, and farm workers who have a physical, mental, or emotional challenge that limits that person from working safely and productively.
  2. How are SRAPs funded? State Projects are funded by a USDA grant to a Land Grant University of the State (Virginia Tech); the University contracts with a non-profit service provider (Easter Seals UCP), which works with the AgrAbility clients.
  3. What does AgrAbility Virginia provide? AgrAbility provides a no-cost service of identifying, with the client, the work challenges the client has, as well as identifying resources that might assist that client to continue to work safely and productively. AgrAbility does NOT provide equipment or financial support, but rather helps to locate possible resources for these and other needs.
  4. How do I learn more? Go to the top of this page and click on the “Contact” tab. On the “Contact” page, you will find different ways to contact us, including a message box to directly send us a message. Thanks!!!

Want AgrAbility To Do A Presentation? 

AgrAbility Virginia offers educational programs  to agricultural professionals, producers, their family members, health professionals, civic organizations, and religious communities. Use the “Contact” tab, above, and let us know! Thanks.