Rural Rehabilitation Partners

AgrAbility Virginia strives to integrate its services into Virginia’s rehabilitation and agricultural service delivery systems. Ongoing collaboration among the cooperating agencies has resulted in an increased emphasis on direct assistance for farmers and ranchers and a new name, the Rural Rehabilitation Partnership. Members of the Partnership include:

Growing involvement of local extension educators have increased the scope of on-farm assistance provided. Virginia AgrAbility’s goal for farm visits is that, along with technical evaluation, the visits are also a more comprehensive screening of needs. The AgrAbility staff is increasingly able to call on skilled professionals from the Partner agencies to assist farmers and ranchers who call AgrAbility for assistance.

Collaboration has also improved specialized education available to the staff of the participating agencies. AgrAbility staff offer individualized consulting support to DARS counselors on all agricultural cases and have initiated this web site to bring timely information to professionals and consumers.

The Rural Rehabilitation Partnership’s vision is to increase Virginia’s capacity to serve agricultural producers affected by disabilities through increased interagency cooperation