AgrAbility Virginia assists individuals and their families who farm, and have illnesses, injuries or disabilities that are impeding their ability to work safely, effectively, and productively. The program collaborates with community professionals to:

  • Modify farm and ranch operations
  • Adapt equipment
  • Increase farmstead accessibility
  • Provide financial counseling
  • Identify funding sources
  • Coordinate community Services

The National AgrAbility Project (new NAP) and its state programs are supported by the United State Department of Agriculture (USDA), and services are currently delivered in 24 states. The program was originally authorized by the 1990 Farm Bill and has been providing funding to state programs through a competitive grant process since then. AgrAbility Virginia is a program of Easter Seals Virginia, a nonprofit organization, and provides services free of charge through a contract with the Virginia Tech Cooperative Extension.

Whats new in Agrability

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Bobby Jones – Amputation

Bobby Jones is a beef cattle farmer in Chesapeake County. Along with his wife and their son, Bobby owns and operates 179 acres, and an additional 300 rented acres, and raises about 250 head of cattle. In February of 2006, Bobby was out in the field alone when his shirtsleeve became entangled with his tractos PTO (power take off). With his left arm, he made an effort to extract his right arm from the PTO, but his left arm became entangled as well. The injuries resulted in the amputation of his right arm above the elbow, and nerve damage to his left arm. Bobby was hospitalized for several months and contracted further complications while in the hospital. When he was finally discharged, rehabilitative therapy followed until October 2007, when insurance coverage ended. Bobby re-gained some strength in his left hand and arm, but not to the degree needed to do normal farm work. Medicare paid for prosthesis for his right arm; this device was provided by Tidewater Prosthetic...

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Case Study


The AgrAbility Virginia Team